Zen Fighters

Zen Fighters League

Zen Fighters is a Player & Earn vSports (VR eSport) league, where the strongest fighters from across Zen Republic metaverse engage in PVP battles of a unique physical sport to symbolize peace and prosperity between the civilizations. It is a community-owned sports league, in which players truly own and can sell, trade, buy, stake the items they have earned through skill-based gameplay or other means.
This game is essentially a 1-on-1 competitive sports game, played in virtual reality, which combines mechanics and features of well-known games (Quiddich, Pokemon GO, Street Fighter) into a revolutionary vSport, that is physically challenging, thrilling, easy to understand, hard to master. What makes it the most fun, is the fact that to become better fighters, players actually have to get stronger and more accurate physically, and more mature mentally. There is no faking one's skill.
Within the game, all players are agents, who own NFT fighters. These fighters come from different planets of Zen Republic metaverse and they vary in race, appearance and other cosmetic attributes, that impacts their value. They are also upgradable NFTs, meaning that, when first created, they are level 1, and by battling, fighters gain experience and level up.

Economy and Play & Earn Model

Zen Fighters is built on Solana blockchain and utilises the governance token $ZENY that will be the main currency across all games from Zen Republic metaverse.
While Zen Fighters is a cool vSports game at its foundation, it also mimics the real-world's sports ecosystem using blockchain technology, making it a next-gen platform where not only fighters, but also agents, spectators and 3rd parties can earn for participating.
Some of the ways to earn by playing are:
  • Winning Ranked/Staked battles
  • Levelling up and selling fighters
  • Investing in other agents
  • Collecting and speculating on rare fighters
  • Organizing/participating in tournaments
  • Renting fighters for a share of winnings or fixed term
  • Watching live battles and staking
  • TBA

Zen Fighters Vision

A revolution in sports industry, the birth of vSport genre, which allows players to both excercise in a physical way inside a video game and earn real rewards from it, depending on their skill.
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