Future Vision

We have a vision of scaling Zen Fighters from just a play-and-earn vSports game to a metaverse with multiple sports games and other activities in the coming years. Here are some of the features we have planned for the future.

Local Sports

While Zen Fighters league is the most popular sport throughout Zen Republic Metverse, each civilization has a local sport that they love the most:
  • Emyrians' local sport is Speed Trials - it is a crazy racing game in space, where fighters control their spacepods and try to outspeed and outmaneuver their competition. This game would introduce NFT spacepods
  • Saphyrians' local sport is Magic Hands - experimental competitive shooting game, in which they players use their hands, and, using handtracking feature in VR, make hand signs and shoot energy balls from their fingers to knock down targets and get the highest score.

Exploring Space

The space is vast and full of treasures and mysteries. We want to open up the lid of the agent's spacecraft and let out their fighter to do some exploring. While in open space, fighters use an utility item oxygen that allows them to propel themselves to a nearby meteorite. Meteorites can have DNA Blocks hidden in the crevices and caves. This feature would allow players to grow new fighters out of scavenged DNA and earn from the game without ever battling.