Utility Items

Utility items are introduced to both enhance the gameplay and provide a sink for $ZENY tokens. They are categorized into Essential and Special items.

Essential Utility Items

Agents can buy essential NFT utility items using hard-earned $ZENY currency from the shop.
  • Zen Soda - energy drink that restores 5 energy points to a fighter who drinks it
  • Sap Syrup - potent concoction that permanently boosts fighter's max energy by 1 point
  • Vita Plus - a special medicine that cuts fighter's remaining incubation time by half
  • Amanita Mushroom - boosts spirituality levels of a fighter, adding 10% chance of reincarnating. Not stackable.
  • Tournament Ticket - a ticket to participate in an official tournament, hosted by Zen Fighters, as a live VR spectator
  • Papermint - Special piece of paper that becomes an NFT when some player signs it with a virtual pen
  • Monkey Ball - essentially a lootbox, that, when opened, gives out a random reward, based on the odds. That can either be some $ZENY tokens, an utility or cosmetic item, DNA block, and in very rare case - a full DNA sample, that can immediatelly be used to create a brand new fighter.

Special Utility Items

Special utility items cannot be bought in the shop, rather they are acquired by a lucky chance from the Monkey Balls, or by winning a casual or ranked match.

DNA Block

In their spacecrafts, agents have Incubators, which are used to create and incubate fighters, after combining a full DNA sample out of DNA blocks. Part of the incubator is a 5x8 grid size plate, on which the agent can place DNA blocks in their possession.
DNA blocks come in various patterns, similiar to ones in tetris, and in different colors, symbolizing the race of a fighter that DNA block is from.

DNA Sample

When DNA blocks are combined into one, they form a full DNA sample that has a chance table of which race is going to be born, depending on the ratios of colored DNA blocks used to make a sample. These DNA samples can be used to start an incubation, which by default lasts 5 days. After that, a new fighter is born, with 3 unique superpowers and a slim chance of being an Indigo fighter. DNA sample cannot be acquired by winning a match. The only way to get a full sample is by a very slim chance as a prize for Monkey Ball.