Zen Fighters & The Play-And-Earn Advantage

Zen Fighters eliminates the stigma that VR games are a waste of money and time, and harmful to physical health. Zen Fighters offers something unprecedented in the field of gaming:
  • A very physical gameplay, that requires players to keep fit in order to succeed.
  • The ability to earn large financial rewards by playing well. Players use their NFT characters, which have unique characteristics and powers, and boost their level (i.e. value) by playing against other players. By leveling up, their characters unlock new powers and the player earns cosmetic rewards (shirts, hats, shoes) that makes the characters more stylish. Levelled up characters, based on their appearance and game performance, can then be sold in the market for a profit.
  • Becoming media stars by winning tournaments which are watched by audiences from around the world as recorded events or in real-time.
  • The possibility of earning by betting on the outcome of tournaments. This includes the players themselves, who can stake $ZENY against each other in a winner-take-all contest.