Battle Modes

One of the ways to earn in Zen Fighters is, of course, to battle! By battling in various game modes, fighters not only gain experience points (EXP) which lets them level up, but they can also earn $ZENY tokens if they win the match, depending on the match type.
Battling in Zen Fighters consumes fighters' energy points. Read more about it here

Casual Match

In casual matches, fighters battle with nothing at stake: to train against a real opponent and to gain experience. Both fighters earn experience points (XP) and the winner gets a random amount of $ZENY tokens, in range from 15 to 40.

Private Match

Friends can match up against each other with a matching battle code to train and become better at the sport. In this mode, no reward is given to the winner of the match, but both players gain a small increase of experience. Private matches do not consume fighters' energy points.

Staked Match

In staked mode, agents can stake $ZENY tokens in amount based on their ranking. Whoever wins the match takes the stake of a losing fighter. Both fighters still get EXP for battling.

Tara's Blessing

When the fighters match up, there is a chance for a female deity Tara to show up and bless the battle, multiplying staked tokens and making the match much more intense. The list of chances are presented below.
Stake Multiplication

Free Play

Agents can battle in Zen Fighters without owning an NFT fighter, too! In Free Play mode, each week there are three freelance fighters with predermined superpowers to choose from. Agents can use them for battles indefinitely, but no EXP is earned for battles and no tokens are awarded for winning. In free play mode agents get familiar with the game, learn the ropes and then possibly invest in their very own fighter!
There are plans for introducing earning of $ZENY tokens as free players and earn up to buy their first fighter later down the road, like receiving a small amount of $ZENY tokens for winning, or community tournaments that are free to enter and allow free-play agents to win the prize.

Ranked Match

To make the battles fair and competitive and make the fighters hone their battling skills even further, Zen Fighters will have Matchmaking system. After fighting the first 10 ranked matches, agent's ranking score is calculated. After that, each win earns agent rank points and each loss takes them away, so that they always fight with opponents who are around their skill level. In ranked play, fighters earn more XP for battling and earn $ZENY tokens for winning.
As mentioned above, player's rank is tied to the agent, and not the fighter, meaning that agent can use any fighter in their possession and they will still be matched with similarly-skilled agents. Below is a table of the ranking levels in Zen Fighters:
Rank Name
Rank Points
$ZENY award for win
When an agent first reaches the rank of Deity for the first time, they become eligible to buy an Entity License and begin their professional career as a Zen Fighter.

Tournament Mode

There are tournaments hosted in Zen Fighters as a way to get the community together and popularize this vSport. A tournament is a two hour-long, classic bracket system based event, during which fighters battle each other in hopes of winnning the grand tournament prize. No energy is consumed while battling in the tournament.
Tournaments are adrenaline-filled events where fighters from across Zen Republic metaverse battle for a grand prize and ultimate glory. There are three types of tournaments being hosted in Zen Fighters:

Official Tournaments

Official tournaments are hosted by Zen Fighters. These are invite-only tournaments hosted each week for a different region where the best ranking 16 agents from that region are selected to participate in the ultimate showdown, broadcasted worldwide. Fans can buy Tournament tickets from the in-game shop to watch these tournaments live in VR and maybe get a chance to talk and ask an autograph from their favorite fighter. The grand prize of official tournaments is a choice between a large sum of $ZENY tokens or a mystery box, that has a high chance of featuring a full DNA sample. All agents who made the appearance in the official tournaments get an NFT participation badge.

Community Tournaments

Community tournaments are hosted by agents who own an NFT arena. They decide for themselves when the tournaments are hosted, what is the entry price, the prize pool, broadcasting and all the other details, necessary to organize an event. These tournaments are great social community gatherings in which both organizers, agents and spectators can earn for participating. Read more about them at Arenas

Physical Tournaments

Physical tournaments are live community gatherings in physical VR game spots all around the world, with a goal of popularizing Zen Fighters not only as an online vSports game, but an actual physical sport too. These tournaments also have a prize pool of $ZENY for winners.