Fans and Spectators

There’s no question that fans are the backbone of all sports games, especially VR ones, while the player margin is still quite small. Our goal is both to turn VR players into sports superstars and to empower spectators to earn alongside their favorite fighters in various ways.


Airdrops are an addicting feature that enhances the sense of community. Essentially it is dropping small amounts of $ZENY to people in the promoted activity - spectating tournaments, participating in events, competitions or anything else. With this feature, we hope to have spectators earn their first tokens and eventually start battling in VR themselves!


During both official and community tournaments, spectators are encouraged to watch the live matches on web or mobile phone and wager $ZENY on who they think is going to win that match in real-time.

Investing In Players

Established Zen Fighters players own shares in form of Entity License and they can sell it in fractions to their biggest fans for $ZENY tokens. Investing in players is one of the biggest things spectators can do. More information in Entity License​

Becoming Agents

Spectators are not limited to watching and wagering - they can become agents like any other players! Since the shop and NFT marketplace is available on the web, not only in-game, anyone can buy a fighter and then rent it to wannabe Zen Fighters players who are not able to invest in an NFT fighter themselves. The renting conditions are set by the agent: it can be a paid rent while the player keeps all the winnings, or a free rent with a set split of shares.