It is no question that players love skins and cosmetics, since it allows them to personalize their fighters and intimidate opponents psychologically before the match even begins. In Zen Fighters, there are two types of cosmetics: Gear and Clothing. All gear and cosmetics are sold in "drops". That means that cosmetics are introduced as batches every so often and in limited quantity. Half of them is put on sale directly in the shop, while the other half gets put into the treasury to be unlocked from mystery boxes or other means. Once all the cosmetics are gone both from the store and the treasury, they will never be available directly from the game, only in the marketplace.
One thing to note is that the cosmetics are not tied to a specific fighter. Agent is the one owning all gear and clothing as separate NFTs and they can dress their fighters with all the cosmetics in their possession, provided the cosmetic's type matches with the fighter's race and it is not already being worn by another fighter.


The fighter's gear consists of a slingshot, shield, rings and backpacks. Backpacks is where the fighters hold their personal rings when not in battle. When starting out, basic gear is provided, but agents can spoil their fighters by buying them stylish gear to look cooler.


Trinkets are collectible cosmetic extensions to the slingshots. They are physics objects, attachable as dangling toys at the base of the slingshot. They are not available to buy from the in-game store directly, only through live events, tournaments and other competitions. They symbolize the passion for the game and are highly collectable items.


Clothing consists of gloves, shoes, shorts and tops. Some cosmetics, especially most of the gloves, are generic pieces of clothing that can be worn by all races, while some others, especially tops, can only be worn by specific races, like traditional garments.

Designer Shorts

A fighter may battle without a top, gloves or even shoes, but always with a pair of comfy and strechy shorts, making them the essential piece of clothing, almost like gear. There is a very specific type of shorts called Designer Shorts. They are custom shorts, designed by the agents themselves. Agent can put their school's or guild's logo on the shorts and have their scholars wear it to show that they are fighting for someone. These designer shorts can also be used as an ad banner, offered by an interested party.