Soul Splitter

Agents who show great results and potential can be allowed to purchase an Soul Splitter. This is an exclusive, fractional NFT that works like the stock of an agent. When acquired, agent owns 100% of his shares and he can sell portions of his stock for $ZENY to any interested party. Whenever an agent wins $ZENY in battles, the tokens are distributed to all parties based on how much stock they are holding. Agents can also buy the sold shares back from their investors. Here is an example of how entity license works:
A spectator attends live tournaments and is intruiged by the performance of a specific player. That player appears to have 30% of his stock for sale. The spectator buys 10% of player's stock. Now whenever the player wins any token prize from a tournament or a staked battle, 10% of his winnings will go directly to the holder of said stock.
Like any NFT, Soul Splitters can be sold off to other players, however, part of its metadata is the wallet address of the original owner, so other players will only be able to store it as a collectible item, without being able to use it for themselves. It is not recommended for original Soul Splitter owners to sell it off, because we will not be issueing out new Soul Splitter for them.