The Technology

Zen Fighters is being built on Unity engine using native C# API with built-in Visual Studio editor. We chose Unity based on several factors:
  • The wide range of resources available online
  • Engine Age
  • Significant developer support
  • Efficiency on mobile devices (Oculus Quest)
  • An excellent reputation in the development community
Unity3D is a powerful game engine which supports every major console and operating systems, with extensive support for VR games and applications. It has a user-friendly development environment, and is regarded as the world’s most popular development platform for creating 3D multiplatform games.
For the network part, Zen Fighters uses a bleeding-edge multiplayer networking solution from Photon called Photon Fusion. Fusion is a new high performance state synchronization networking library for Unity. With a single API, it supports many network architectures such as dedicated server, client hosted, and shared/distributed authority. It is built with simplicity in mind to integrate naturally into the common Unity workflow, while also offering advanced features like data compression, client-side prediction, and lag compensation out of the box. This is essential to create competitive gameplay with split-second accuracy, that is equal for all players. Photon is the most popular networking provider for Unity game developers, with extensive support and documentation and a fair pricing model.
Zen Fighters also uses Microsoft Azure Playfab for backend needs, including:
  • Account creation and management
  • Data and analytics
  • Live Operations
  • Storing Players' Wallets
The crypto wallets of players are linked to their Playfab accounts, so they do not have to use many different passwords and risk losing access to their their crypto wallet. This compromises the decentralization aspect of the game, but allows a more seamless, worry-free access to it through a standalone VR application. We will also be allowing players to create their own wallets and be able to transfer their NFTs from centralized wallets to their own decentralized ones through our website.