Long-Term Sustainability

Zen Fighters ecosystem involves two primary fees, which at first will be used to support the development of the game, allow large scale partnerships and build a strong foundation for the future of the game. Later, when the community treasure is live, the collected fees will go there to be distributed back into the game in form of in-game rewards. These fees are:
  • 3%* fee on all marketplace transactions
  • $ZENY fee associated with acquiring Entity License
  • $ZENY fee associated with reincarnating fighters

Additional Sources of Capital

As the Zen Fighters vSport becomes more established, additional opportunities may present themselves, that would introduce additional income sources fueling the game's economy on top of player-to-player business model:
  • Advertising and sponsorships. The official online tournaments hosted by Zen Fighters will be grand events, broadcasted on the internet and amassing big crowds of spectators. This setting is a perfect place for companies to advertise their products on the banners of the virtual arena.
  • NFT/Physical Merch. Merchandise could range from exclusive official Zen Fighters Art NFTs to sportswear and toys made out of elements from the game, like slingshots.
  • Physical Tournaments. Tournaments of Zen Fighters in physical venues would drive attention not only from the gaming community, but the spectators who want to understand and get into a fresh concept of vSports. By making these tournaments on big scale can yield a big return in form of spectator tickets everything else associated with organizing a sports event.
Profits from these sources would go back into the game's treasury to be distributed to players.