ZEN REPUBLIC metaverse is a solar system, consisting of a sun and 7 planets orbiting around it. the inhabitants of these planets had been fighting over the control of the sun, but after centuries of galactic wars they were able to make peace with one another. to symbolize their union, they created ZEN FIGHTERS league, where the best fighters from across the metaverse compete with each other to strengthen bonds between the races.

Citizens of Zen Republic

Planet RUBY

In Ruby planet, the environment is quite harsh, since it is positioned very close to the sun. These unfortunate circumstances forced the Rubians to evolve very quickly to survive, and they prospered by inventing and utilizing technology to the limits - solar panels, computers, lab-grown food and much more. Having their survival needs covered, rubians turned to recreation and came up with a wonderful sports game originally called Slingball, currently known as Zen Fighters.


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