The vision is grand and to make it a reality we will be rolling out updates in terms of Seasons. Imagine it as if this whitepaper is manga/comic book and the Zen Fighters game is anime/series. Whenever a season starts, we will be implementing features promised for that season. Once all the features are implemented and working, we will be moving on to the following season and so on until the end of time!
The development process is fluid and all dates are subject to changes. Any significant changes in the roadmap will be communicated to the community as early as possible.

Season 0 - The Big Boom (Q4 2021 - Q1 2022)

In the pilot season of Zen Fighters, the metaverse is created out of thin air. It is a time of chaos, disasters, alongside beautiful miracles of new-born life and intruiging future ahead....
  • Website Launch (Done)
  • VR Game Demo (Done)

Season 1 - Ruby (Q2 2022 - Q3 2022)

In Season 1 of Zen Fighters, civilization in planet Ruby is thriving. Rubians have fully decentralized their economy and optimized work out of their life, so they started creating recreational activities, one of which being sports game called Slingball. With bleeding edge interstellar communication they are able to make contact with people of planet Earth and virtually include them in this cool sport!
  • Mint of 720 Rubian Race Fighters
  • $ZENY token launch
  • Game Development
  • NFT Utility in Discord server
  • WL Marketplace
  • Fighter Staking Program

Season 2 - Topaz (Q3 2022 - Q4 2022)

[Description Pending]
  • Mint of 1440 Topazi Race Fighters NFTs
  • Ecosystem Partners
  • Smart Contract Audit
  • Game's private Alpha release
  • Fighter transition from 2D to 3D Avatars
  • Additional NFT utility in Discord

Season 3 - Emerald (Q1 2023 - Q2 2023)

[Description Pending]
  • Mint of 2160 Emyrian Race Fighters NFTs
  • DAO Launch
  • Game's public Beta release
  • Introduction of NFT Crafting and Burning
  • Spectator staking $ZENY in tournaments

More seasons to be announced soon...

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