NFT eSports - A Revolution in the Gaming Industry

The entire world of gaming and ESports revolves around the ability to purchase extra tools/add-ons to gain a performance edge over players. Many of the most popular and successful games and Metaverses offers players in-game assets and in-game currencies, including Second Life, World of Warcraft, and Minecraft.
However, although they can be purchased for money, they hold zero real value outside of the game. This poses a series of challenges:
  • The best players cannot monetize their skills.
  • In-game assets cannot be sold once a player stops playing - making them worthless.
  • The games are isolated ecosystems that never connect to the real economy.
Zen Fighters solves this problem by allowing players to maintain the ownership of all their in-game items and currency, thanks to tokenization. All the items in the Zen Fighters are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which can be bought with the native currency of the Zen Fighters economy - $ZENY.
When a user creates an in-game account, we automatically create a wallet and link it to that account, which is used to store NFTs, in addition to $ZENY and any other crypto currency. This makes it easy to start playing and earning, and whenever a player decides to take their assets out to sell or trade for other NFTs, they can create a private wallet and transfer them from in-game wallet to their personal one.
These NFTs are based on Solana blockchain. These standards allow items to be unique assets, that have economic value outside of the game and can be transferred throughout the entire Ethereum blockchain ecosystem. At any time, players can transfer all their in-game NFTs to their crypto wallets, and then sell them on decentralized marketplaces. Players therefore achieve true ownership of their in-game items and can realize their value outside of the game's environment