Spacecraft is the home of a space-roaming agent. Inside it, there are multiple facilities and constructions that help expand the gameplay in various ways.


Lounge is the main quarters of the spacecraft that leads to other zones. In the future, lounge will be modularly enhancable with NFT furniture and other things and will allow visitors to come and hang out together.


Simulator is the training zone that allows fighters to hone their skills against bots or on their own. To make training more interesting, fighters scores are added to the global leaderboards and the best-performing fighters can get prizes for being at the top of the leaderboard.


Inside laboratory, there are healing pods where the fighters rest and restore their energy points. Together with it, there is also an incubator, used to grow new fighters using DNA Blocks.

Monkey Ball Machine

Every spacecraft features a Monkey Ball Machine, which tracks how many battles has the agent won in the row. When a certain of battles are won consecutively, agents can redeem a Monkey Ball, which hold a random prize from a sum of $ZENY tokens, all the way to a full DNA sample used to grow fighters. To make things more interesting, agent can push their luck without redeeming a prize for a better reward after even more wins. Here is the table of Monkey Ball Machine rewards:
Consecutive Wins
1 Monkey Ball
2 Monkey Balls
3 Monkey Balls
When the prize is redeemed or if a an agent loses one battle, the consecutive wins bar resets to 0 and they have to start from scratch.