Thomas Tumosa (Thomukas1) – Founder & Tech Lead
Thomas is an award-winning VR game creator and a visionary with six years of experience building interactive, high quality VR content. He graduated Vilnius Tech university in 2020 with a B.Sc. in Computer Science, and soon after founded VR entertainment company Zen Republic.
He released his first game, a multiplayer VR escape room called Rodent People: Origins, in 2021, receiving overwhelmingly positive reviews and segments in various VR podcasts. The game has also been played by some of the most popular VR influencers in the world. As a lifelong gamer of various multiplayer games, Thomas is very passionate about the prospect of decentralized play-and-earn future of gaming.
Linas Von Jurkštas (Vega Zet) - Loremaster & Community Manager
Storyteller, scriptwriter with 5 years of experience in VR world - Building bridges, writing lore and engaging with community.
Agnė Savickaitė (Agnudurte) - Content Production & Partnerships
An experienced tech-savvy artist with previous background in IT and NFT projects. More than 2 years of creating 2D/3D, animation, vector art assets for visual branding.
Danielė Kulikauskaitė (DarknessPixie) - Digital Art & Graphic Design
A self-taught digital artist working video game industry, drawing for various NFT projects and video games - environmental art, game assests, concept art. Also a biologist and a geographer by nature.
Ignacio Paul (Edgeof) - Concept & NFT artist
6 years of experience drawing digital concept art, character designs for various projects in fanstasy and surreal artstyle.
Ričardas Bernotavičius – Advisor
Ričardas is a business executive and partnership leader with over 20 years of experience in amplifying business performance to hit top goals. He holds multiple director and leadership roles in tech-based organizations, like Blockchain-based virtual reality project Mars4. Ričardas is also member of the advisory board of VC firm Iron Wolf Capital. He invests in startups that use virtual reality and Blockchain technologies and helps propel them to success.
Renaldas Zioma - Advisor
Late co-founder of Unity, currently head of Research & Development there. Long experience in fields of ML, AI and currently passionate about VR in games